Brother, Where Art Thou?

I admit to being pretty interested in the family dynamics of the Blagojevich case.  A partial summary of what we’ve been told.

  • Dying mother tells the Blagojevich boys to look after each other
  • Brothers grow apart
  • Rod asks Rob to help him raise campaign money
  • Rob’s wife reminds him of mother’s plea and encourages him to help Rod
  • Rod and Patti assure Rob and his wife the coast is clear of investigations
  • Rob takes over fundraising for Rod
  • You know the rest.

If you’re lucky enough to have siblings (and with eight brothers and sisters, I’m wildly lucky), you know that they can be Godsends in times of need, whether it’s emergency babysitting, helping you move cross-country, or getting you through rocky times.

But dang!  When was the last time you asked a sibling to do something that could send them to the federal slammer?  Here, Robert was subjected to the entreaties of three family members:  his mother, his wife, and his brother.  That’s about as much pressure as the holdout juror must have felt.  (And can you imagine how Robert’s wife must feel now?)

The next time a sibling asks me to help them move or to babysit a niece, I’ll do it with no grumbling.  And when I ask one of them for a favor, it will come with a guarantee:  they’ll never have to see either of the Sams (Junior or Senior) as a result.

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