Great News From the Blago Jury!

Yes, the news out of the 25th floor jury deliberation room is excellent.  Excellent, indeed.  No, it has nothing to do with the status of negotiations, how many counts jurors have  decided, or how much work they have left (as of this writing, they have reached a unanimous decision on only two of the 24 counts).

Rather, the good news has to do with the following sentences from the jury note yesterday to Judge Zagel:  “We’ve gone beyond reasonable attempts without rancor. We now ask for guidance.”  Two words jumped out at me:  “without rancor.”  And the judge has reportedly said that people in proximity to the jury room have heard no noise or shouting–which indicates that the scene inside the jury room is calm, not volcanic.  If all this is really true,  then hallelujah!

Given the charges involving public corruption, the public resources expended on the case, and what’s at stake for the defendants, you want a jury that is disciplined, methodical, and calm.   Jury room histrionics might make for great scenes in movies, but I can’t imagine they’re very good for justice.

Deliberations continue and they could still become rancorous, I suppose.  But for now, I find it reassuring that in this criminal trial we seem to have a civil jury.

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  • Phillip

    The Governor is quilty. I sat on a drug trial that was hung. All were for convictions except for one. That is all it takes. It is possible that the majority believed he is quilty. This is not a victory and shouldn’t be perceived as a victory for the Governor. He will get his time in jail.

  • TC

    The fact that a Chicago attorney feels that the jury is from Illinois and understands that the way the former governor operated is accepted by Illinois citizens is why the system is beyond salvation. Greed and all that goes with it is the underlayment of Illinois politics and its base is the acceptance by the legal profession; just look at the professionals of the one party system in the General Assembly.

  • Jashryn

    Why is this impeached Governor given celebrity status? It is sickening the way the press carry on with him. Of course this feeds into his ego, and he loves every minute of the limelight. It looks like the news media is glorifying him. Great example to follow, a celebrity Governor who signs autographs and gets everyone talking about him. Something is wrong with this picture.
    This Governor is an embarrassment, he looks too glamorous.

    The next thing will be a TV reality show so he can make money. Of course the TV station will make money, ratings will go up, so they think. And on it goes. It is time it stopped and someone said, you are not newsworthy. But the news media can’t get enough of him. Why?