Hermostat, Hismostat

This heat wave is opening up old fissures:  the great thermostat divide which can exist between women and men.   If anything can cause open warfare in a household, it’s the setting of the thermostat.  And it’s the extreme temperatures–hot or cold–that seem to set things off.

My conclusion is based on extremely limited anecdotal evidence involving couples of a certain age.  Several said couples I know currently have the women asserting their right to be cool and men asserting their interest in having actual fresh air come in through an open window.  The flipside seems to be true in winter:  many women want the thermostat set much higher than the men in their lives think necessary.

I recall reading articles about the physiological differences between men and women that account for this disparity in what temperature setting is considered comfy — including the fact that men do not get hot flashes.  I imagine if I even got ONE hot flash in my life, I’d insist that the thermostat be kept in the 30s.

As it is, it’s not exactly open warfare in our house, but a series of surreptitious tweaks to the thermostat when one thinks the other is not looking.  The only witnesses to this ongoing sneakiness: the all-seeing-but-say-nothing cats!

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  • bob gallo

    Phil: having lived about half of my adult life on Florida’s Gulf Coast where the ocean
    temperature often matches the air temperature in late summer I consider myself an expert on matters
    pertaining to domestic a/c issues. First one must get the terminology straight. Moving
    the thermostat up to me as a former northeasterner meant making the room warmer. Eg
    the temperature rises when it gets hotter, falls when it gets colder. Somehow the laws
    of expanding or contracting mercury in a glass tube does not apply to this dilemma.
    Thus the first point of clarification when asked to move the a/c up must be met with
    the clarifying questiion: “Do you want it to be warmer or cooler dear?” After that it
    is simply a matter of degrees and prefernces towards undergarments. Good luck. Bob