A Dashing Couple

The government has rested its case-in-chief in the Blagojevich trial and the public is about to hear from the defense.  But one thing that has already come through loud and clear from the defense side:  how the defendant and his wife present themselves to the world each day.  And frankly, I think they’ve looked great.

Rod looks dapper in his multi-hundred-thousand dollar wardrobe and his cock-of-the-walk swagger.  And Patti–in spite of her occasional gum-chewing–looks chic and stylish, especially with her smart, new, summer bob.  They may not be JFK and Jackie, but the two of them cut a confident, photogenic picture as they enter and exit the courtroom each day.  And I think that’s been part of the allure of this story.

When George and Lura Lynn Ryan would walk into the federal courthouse during that ex-governor’s criminal trial, they looked like someone’s kindly grandparents ambling into an all-you-can eat buffet on a Sunday afternoon.  But Rod and Patti have a certain snap and dismissive swagger to them…like they’re walking into a party and expect to get a round of applause when they enter the room.

I don’t know if it’s false bravado…or true bravado.  And it’s anyone’s guess if it’s having any impact on the jury.  But I’ll say this:  they make for great theater and the cameras love ’em!

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  • Contrary to the popular saying, in the final analysis clothes do not “make the man”. Blago and his wife are both spoiled kids who have some minor skill at getting their way. That’s obviously not sufficient to any success as the Governor or first “lady”of a State like Illinois. I don’t think it can overcome the force of their idiotic communications shown in the tapes. Blago appears to be destined to become someone’s “girlfriend”!

  • June Irwin

    Astute observation, Phil. Have not kept up with the day-to-day — will be interested to find out what the jury decides.
    Enjoy your written opinions on line!