Waxing Eloquent

This may be a guy thing, but there’s something incredibly satisfying about having a freshly waxed car.  Today the weather was perfect for waxing, so early this morning I parked the car in the alley right behind the garage.  The garage and a big tree kept the car (and me) nicely shaded.  To mark the occasion, I even retired a couple of old t-shirts to use for buffing.

I had first driven the car to a local car wash, figuring that the energy I saved washing it could translate into the elbow grease I would need for the waxing itself.  I was right.   Applying the wax is the easy part–buffing it out is not.  And then making sure the surface is completely smooth adds another layer (no pun intended) of effort.  I do it in sections starting with the roof.  The hardest parts are those closest to the ground since those require bending and buffing at the same time.

In high school, a friend once said that the best way to really “know” your car was to wax it.  He’s right.  A car is basically just metal, plastic and glass.  But after I run my hands over every square inch, I can’t help but develop more affection for it–dings and all.

Another thing I can’t help–once I put on one coat, it looks so good I give it a second.  My wife says this is the kind of overkill that’s typical of me.  Guilty as charged.

This will probably be the only time I wax the car this year.  But have you noticed that after you wax your car, it seems to cut through the air just a little easier and run with just a little more snap?  As I said–it’s probably a guy thing.

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  • Krys

    My mom used to swear that a clean car ran better-so it’s not a guy thing! 🙂