A Tree Grows in Ravenswood

Replacement Serviceberry Tree

Replacement Serviceberry Tree

A few weeks back, I asked for reader feedback on the status of a tree I had planted last fall.  I posted a picture showing just how lifeless it looked.  But in spite of its dry and brittle appearance, I didn’t want to declare it really and truly dead prematurely, so I gave it a reprieve of several weeks, hoping for a miraculous recovery.  But no miracle came to pass.

So this morning the old tree went out and a new one went in.  You can see what it looks like.  It’s another serviceberry.  Serviceberries are supposed to be nearly indestructible, but the nice folks at the garden center say that about 3% of all fall plantings don’t survive the winters.  Mine happened to be one of them.

The old tree was planted in October, so maybe it didn’t have enough time to brace itself for a Chicago winter.  The new one will have plenty of time to get itself established and will get plenty of TLC.  And since it was planted on Cinco de Mayo, let me say, “Que viva el arbol!” Long live the tree!

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  • Dubbya

    Sorry to get off topic Phil, but I have a question that I can’t find an answer to anywhere in Chicago: Are you the voice that announces stops and other announcements on CTA buses and the L? It’s a really strong resemblance.

    Beautiful tree, btw!

  • Dolores Ochoa


    I live in the Bowman area and think that the Ravenswood tree and foliage planters are the best! My neighbors thank you, I thank you and hope to contribute myself too.

    By trade I am an interior designer, and I pass by the Metra Train line nearly every day and admire everyone’s work. Who would have known that you were one of them!

    I am a certified OpenLands tree keeper here in Chicago. We are a group of urban landscape proponants, that trains to donate our time towards helping with maintaining and planting trees on public side streets and in the neighborhood parks of Chicago. Take a look at the organization’s website if you get a chance.

    Keep up the good work, Phil!

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    OCHOA Interior Architecture
    Merchandise Mart
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    Chicago, IL 60654
    dolores@ochoainteriorarch.com email
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