Fitness Envy

I am someone whose fitness regimen can be sporadic and who–over the winter–can put on some extra lbs. (or “el-bees” as one of my sons puts it). I’m usually fine about it and keep slugging away at the ongoing task of not going completely to seed. But every now and then I’m reminded that some people are in such great physical shape that they can make the rest of us feel like like Jabba the Hutt.

It happened yesterday morning when at least 1,000 runners took part in a 5K run that went down our street and right in front of our house. Our block was near the beginning of the race so all the runners were fresh and full of bounce.

The ones at the very front, of course, looked like the pride of the pack with well-defined muscles and they ran like jack rabbits. If I had to guess, most were in their 20s and 30s. They’re the ones who can make the rest of us feel like a depository for the world’s donuts.

Normally, I don’t have to personally confront people who are in such good condition and see them dressed in a way that shows off their physiques. But there was no avoiding a herd of them stampeding just a few steps from the front porch.

Fortunately, the run had a happy ending for the rest of us who will never grace the cover of Fitness magazine: as the stream of runners continued, more and more started to look like ordinary folks with ordinary bodies–people just trying to keep from going to seed. They’re the ones I really cheered on. It was enough to make me want to put on my running shoes.

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