Hummers and Lampreys–Be Gone!

It looks like the Hummer might be in its death throes. GM was trying to sell the line to a Chinese company but the deal fell through in part because the government there is putting more emphasis on the environment and limiting imported oil.

Here in the U.S. the Hummer became the poster child for everything that was bad about SUVs–gas guzzling, self-indulgent–clueless. Whenever I see a Hummer my default thought about the owner is “meathead.”

I love cars and reading about them. Always have. But when I read about any new high-performance model that still relies exclusively on fossil fuel and promises 300 horsepower I think, “What planet are these people living on who still make these and others who still want to buy them?”

Which brings me to last night’s show when we did a segment on Atlantic sea lampreys that have invaded the Great Lakes. If you saw those lampreys live in our studio you know how revolting they are to look at and how damaging they’ve been to the eco-system. (They attach themselves to native fish and kill them by sucking the fluids out of them). And now that they’re here, there’s no way to completely get rid of ’em. The lesson from the segment–the best solution is to keep invasive species out in the first place.

Which gets me back to the Hummers. Smart move on China’s part.

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