Welcome to unPHILtered

Welcome to the first posting of my new blog, “unPHILtered.” I know the name is a bit cheesy, but we were trying to capture the spirit of what we want the blog to be: some personal insights that come directly from me to you.*

Almost by its nature, a blog can have a self-absorbed quality to it (so give me points for self-awareness). But my hope is that it can give you some things to think about which relate to our city, our area or our times…and which just might be fun or maybe a little quirky.

Occasionally I might take you behind the scenes on Chicago Tonight or tell you what happened after a guest left or after a segment aired. For example, after a recent candidates’ forum, one high-profile political candidate–angry over what another had said on the air–told that candidate he was “going to get it right between the eyes.” That was a first for us. (Note to guests and potential guests: don’t worry; I won’t say anything to embarrass you.)

On other days, the blog might address something that is going in the culture–a trend, an event or a person of note. So, if I’ve seen a movie that I think you should avoid I might post, in effect, that “it’s too late for me but save yourselves.”

The blog will occasionally take up something that is going on in my personal life that might resonate with you, too. I have no set agenda but a wide range of interests and maybe those interests can be a point of convergence for us.

Being the host of a nightly TV magazine of news and culture probably comes with a set of expectations about how a host is supposed to act and what he or she is supposed to say on the air. In this blog I plan to loosen my collar a bit. My plan is to post Mondays through Fridays. So, I hope you come back here from time to time. And if you have a topic you’d like for me to take up, post a comment and let me know. Life’s short. Let’s have fun.


* Here are some of the other titles my colleagues came up with: PHILler, rePHIL, What the Phil and Philli Vannilli (a perfect name if this were ghost-written–which it will not be). So, maybe unPHILtered isn’t so bad?

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  • Leslie Atwood

    I watched the panel program with the Senate candidates. I was more impressed with Alexis than I expected to be and very underwhelmed with the 10+ year Congressman. He is clearly very informed about his military service and obviously knows he intentionally lied about it. I was happy to see that Alexi forced him to move on to the issues, it was obviously NOT Mark Kirk’s strong suit. His past voting record is very troubling. I am very sick of the negative ads especially when they are funded with Karl Rove’s secret groups. I wonder how much money Karl Rove is making from all this. Of course we will NEVER know.