Chicagoans Submit Budget Solution Ideas to Mayor

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Last Friday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the launch of the City’s interactive budget website, and since then the Mayor has contacted some of the more active contributors in order to thank them for sharing their ideas and also further discuss their ideas for solving Chicago’s financial troubles.

“The creative ideas streaming into prove the people of Chicago are ready to make the tough decisions necessary to tackle the city’s challenges,” said Mayor Emanuel. “My staff, along with City Commissioners, are going to examine these ideas carefully, provide feedback and consider what can be implemented to move our city forward.”

Mayor Emanuel and Chicagoans aren’t the only ones on the site. Senior City officials and Department Commissioners have also engaged in online conversations about decreasing costs and increasing efficiency. Some of these officials include Budget Director Alex Holt, Deputy Mayor Mark Angelson, Health Commissioner Bechara Choucair, Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein, Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Tom Byrne, Chief Sustainability Officer Karen Weigert, Chief Technology Officer John Tolva, and Policy Director Mike Simmons, all of whom have posted responses on the site’s forums.

Chicago City Council

Chicago City Council

The Mayor has asked John Tolva, Chicago’s Chief Technology Officer to follow up with an online contributor who suggested using technology to improve government services and operations.

Over 1,100 people have contributed to the site, with more than 2,000 posts and over 14,000 votes. Ideas include utilizing cost-saving technology, reducing paper use, decreasing paid overtime by the city, and having city vehicles use alternative fuels.

In October, Mayor Emanuel will present his 2012 budget proposal to the City Council.

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2 responses to “Chicagoans Submit Budget Solution Ideas to Mayor”

  1. ELois Poole-Clayton says:

    Dear Mr. Mayor,
    It was an honor, to be present at the inauguration and to meet and greet with you, afterwards, at City Hall.
    One idea I hold close to my heart, is a RE-vitalization of the Chester Mental Health Center(discussing with Gov. Quinn), for the patients there(my brother included;being ABUSED, having constant FALSE reports, WRITTEN up on him AND still being FORCED PSYCHOTROPIC drugs for NOW (15) years, has also been forced to DEFEND himself from orchestrated ASSAULTS on him, by the GUARDS who are employed there.
    On the day of your inauguration, I left you a NOTE, asking you to LOOK into the problems that exist(assaults), on patients at CMHC.
    I have contacted (DHS), Michelle Saddler, Equip For Equality(EQE) and the HRA(Human Rights Authority), along with the Chester O.I.G., who has NOT adherred to his TRANSFER OUT of CMHC, when OTHERS(we’ve had to file complaints on), HAS been transferred to minimum facilities.
    He has been told that he’s being held for “hostage”, by a “psychiatrist(Dr. LAMBERT), ALSO LIEING to I(personally), that “Chester don’t transfer patients out. They just take patients in”.
    PLEASE(if you will), see that JUSTICE is done, according to statue 405 of the DISABILITIES CODE, which states that ABUSE of ANY KIND, is PROHIBITED.
    Thank you.

    Mrs. ELois Poole-Clayton
    (sister of patient D. Poole, at CMHC)
    PS: I have asked several, for an INTERVIEW, with DOCUMENTED MEDICAL PROOF, of ABUSES done to him, but have not heard from any yet.
    PPS: He has been BULLIED and is TIRED of the ASSAULTS, because of others behaviors.
    I can be contacted at ANY time, at (773)622-2906.
    Thank you.

  2. Diahn Allen says:

    I couldn’t find the ‘new ideas’ button on the ideas website, but I do have an idea. If the drivers of the dump trucks and constructions trucks around the Printer’s row area at 4am are getting overtime, eliminate it. It’s hard for me to believe there isn’t another time to do whatever it is they’re doing.