90,000 City Contracts Now Online

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

On Wednesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel posted over 90,000 city contracts online on the City’s data portal as part of his continued effort to make City government more transparent and accountable.

“These efforts will increase the openness and efficiency of the City’s contracting process,” said Mayor Emanuel. “By posting this data online in an easy-to-use format, we will be able to increase the transparency of the contracting process and ensure that these contracting processes are conducted in full view of the public.”

Although contract information was available before, it could only be attained through a specific search on the procurement website or FOIA request. Next, the contracts would be sent out through an e-mail or PDF.

Now, however, the contracts are present online in an open, searchable, machine-readable format. This modernization should not only make them easier to request, but also decrease the time it takes to locate them. The contracts date back to 1993, and they will be updated daily on the data portal.

As part of Emanuel’s transparency platform, the Mayor’s Office has released more than 170 datasets. These include salary information, crime data, lobbyist disclosures, debarred vendors and abandoned buildings. The City’s open data portal has logged more than 305,000 views since May 16, 2011.

The Mayor’s Office will continue to modernize and increase transparency by introducing contracting reforms and various efficiencies designed to save tax dollars. More specifically, the DPS will be reorganized to streamline businesses processes, the IT system will be upgraded and strategic sourcing will be implemented to save costs.

To view City contracts, click here.

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