Mayor Emanuel Launches Interactive Website for 2012 Budget Process

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

On Friday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel revealed a preliminary projected budget gap of $635.7 million for the City’s 2012 budget. The Mayor also announced the launch of an interactive website about the 2012 budget process so that Chicagoans can share their input, and released the City’s first-ever Annual Financial Analysis.

“I have committed to making the tough choices needed to put our fiscal house in order and protect Chicago’s taxpayers,” said Mayor Emanuel. “As we move forward in this budget process, my administration is open to ideas from across the city on how to tackle the challenges we face.”

According to the Annual Financial Analysis, the City has faced disparity between revenues and expenditures for a decade. Although the preliminary 2012 estimates suggest a $635.7 million budget gap, they also predict that, without significant reform, the gap will increase in 2013 and 2014. Mayor Emanuel initiated the Annual Financial Analysis through an Executive Order to create a long-term budget and planning process.

Chicagoans can discuss potential solutions and even submit their own at the new Chicago Budget site. To engage with the community further, the administration will hold several town hall meetings.

In October, Mayor Emanuel will present his 2012 budget proposal to the City Council.

To find out more about the City Budget, click here.

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2 responses to “Mayor Emanuel Launches Interactive Website for 2012 Budget Process”

  1. Jose says:

    My suggestion to Chicago… 2 year pay free for all. Ask Casinos to pay 10 % more in taxes. Home owners with home value at over 500,000 to pay $ 50 more a month in taxes. Add 50 more dollars to the sell of a car in Chicago.. When the budget is balance end the cuts. Make the cuts –taxes temp until the budget is balance.

  2. Debbie Wasko says:

    Vacant and abandoned properties should have a reasonable, but limited, lifespan. Once expired, owners upgrade and/or raze the property, thus avoiding squatters, crash pads for drug use, etc. and revitalizing the area through new rentals/sales. OR … if no action taken … public domain for the good of the community should be enforced.

    Dogfighting is big bucks … stashed away in basements, seldom traveled wooded areas, even car trunks … and would probably take an army to reel in. But, consider the HUGE CASH FINES THAT COULD BE COLLECTED for City use while definitely impacting those involved (and all the side “entertainment amenities” for their audiences). If kids are brought along, THERE SHINES ANOTHER HUGH CASH FINE. THE MONEY’S THERE and could begin rolling in IF LAWS AND ENFORCEMENT ARE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

    Tall order … too tall to take on, I wonder?