City Council Meeting

Chicago City Council

Chicago City Council

On Wednesday, July 6, Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a City Council meeting. Elizabeth Brackett has the story on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm. Here are some of the issues discussed:

– Mayor Rahm Emanuel today introduced eight ordinances supporting neighborhood amenities, business development, affordable housing and historic preservation. For more information, click here.

– Mayor Rahm Emanuel today asked the Chicago City Council to approve an ordinance that will allow the City to enter into a Concession Redevelopment and Management Lease Agreement with Westfield Concessions Management, LLC. For more information, click here.

– The City Council today approved an ordinance that creates a comprehensive licensing and regulatory framework that allows for shooting ranges to be located in the City of Chicago. For more information, click here.

– The Chicago City Council today approved 12 ordinances supporting residential and commercial development and the creation of parks and open spaces. For more information, click here.

– Today, Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced an ethics ordinance to foster unprecedented transparency across City government by creating the most comprehensive lobbyist disclosure database in the nation. For more information, click here.

What are your thoughts on gun ranges coming to Chicago? Post your comments below or sound off on our discussion board!

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