Blagojevich Blog: Can This Be The Day?

Can this be the day? Should I go down to the courthouse this morning and wait for the verdict? Do I have a premonition of events to come? Is the pressure in my gut telling me that this is it? Am I psychic or do I just have gas? On the other hand, it is plain that I have no infallible intuition or I would have won the Illinois Lottery long ago.

It’s just a waiting game with no one positive about anything. Do even the jurors know when the verdict will be arrived at? I read this morning that the jury may be under some pressure to conclude before the Fourth of July. I don’t see why that would put pressure on the jury. It’ll just be another day off.

I don’t envy this jury dealing with the burden of having to come to a unanimous decision, or not, on 20 counts in a still very complex case. The process would have been so much clearer had there been a completion of a scheme to commit a crime. Is the stumbling block deciding if there was a significant step that must be taken before talk becomes a crime?

We’ll know after the verdict has been handed down and a juror tells us what went on. I, too, am interested in what is going on in the jury room this time. I’m sure one or more of them will tell us what went on. I believe there were five jurors on the first trial that have not said anything to the media. There are others who spoke out, and then there’s me who hasn’t shut up at all since.

In my defense, let me state that I have never solicited a platform from which to speak. I am, however, a willing participant in all of the coverage that I get; no one has twisted my arm to speak or write.

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