Blagojevich Blog: Time to Summarize

During this down time where all of the heavy lifting is being done by the jury, everyone else who has been following this trial has a time to reflect, and, if they have them, look at their notes. One of the better summaries I’ve seen is on Susan Berger’s web site: She also does a comparison between trial one and two. Nicely done. I only take exception to one criticism she makes of Carrie Hamilton’s closing arguments.

“Hamilton points out that the defendant says Monk is a liar and that he was trying to save himself.”

And here was the one comment Hamilton made that I thought was ridiculous: “If you were really trying to save yourself (speaking of Monk) why admit to taking money from Rezko? Why not say yea, I got money from Rezko and split it with him (Blagojevich).”

Huh? Wouldn’t there be a money trail? This was farfetched, in my opinion.

I think what Hamilton was saying was that Monk, if he were lying, would have made up some big lie that was very damning to Blagojevich. It would have been that the money Tony Rezko gave to Monk would have also gone to Blagojevich through Monk as Hamilton said. Money trail? As far as cash is concerned, if one is spending $500 for a necktie, who would question many small expenditures in cash? Do not put cash in the bank where there is a record of it but in shoe boxes. That is the Illinois political way. Only when you die does anyone find the cash, and then it’s too late for any justice.

Credit cards, debit cards, checks, bank accounts and even safety deposit boxes are not secure means of hiding illegally gotten money: money trail. I am glad I don’t have enough money to worry about hiding any of it. Nobody would give me any kickbacks, bribes, hush money or any other kind of illegal monies because I don’t have the juice, the power, to demand money from anyone. Also I think that sadly, at my age, I would forget where I put a shoe box full of cash; and the reality is that any shoe box of cash I had would contain a buck two-eighty, in other words a can opener, a few pennies and a $2 bill.

The proceeds, what I have gained from all my efforts, of the post-Blagojevich I trial amounts to three cups of coffee, a can of Diet Coke and one lunch, thanks to John Kass and the Chicago Tribune. Maybe I need an agent — nah! It’ll be over in a few days.

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