Blagojevich Blog: Summer Solstice

Happy first day of summer. In Chicago, it’s overcast, warm and humid. Nothing surprising for Chicago: the record high temperature for this date was 104 degrees in 1953. And the jury is still deliberating. No one is reporting what has been brought in for lunch. The lunch menu security must be tighter this time around.

Everyone who writes anything about this trial has mentioned the jury’s question about “materially,” as in “materially false.” One could define it as “to a significant extent” or “considerably.”

It is so easy to understand when you have the ability to look up a definition. These jurors are being very careful in their understanding of what the charges mean. Well done, I say.

As I have said, when you need to be represented in court, you need a lawyer, and hopefully he or she will be adept at understanding and using “legalese.”

I wonder how Rod is doing under this second prolonged deliberation? I am grateful I don’t have to endure the pressure of being the focus of this and the last trial. It was hard enough being on the jury, and then being foreman of Blagojevich I.

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