Blagojevich Blog: Foreperson Qualities

What qualities can a person have that makes one a good foreperson? How can one judge those qualities in another person, one you don’t know well or at all? Is the choosing like a beauty pageant contestant voting for the one who is most congenial? Is it the person most likable who wins?

One member of the Blago I jury admitted that she did not want to vote for another middle-aged white male. Although Steve was not middle-aged, he was white and male. However, the best person may have been Steve. I was the pig in a poke they chose. I should have voted for Steve and perhaps he would have been elected the foreman of our jury, and when things got tense he would be the one they would attack.

Conventional wisdom dictates that one votes for one’s self in any election where one is nominated. So I voted for myself. Another juror asked me how I felt being attacked during a tense moment. It wasn’t a vicious attack, just a “since you’re in charge you get to be the one who must take the brunt of the criticisms because we are under stress” attack. I understood the reason for the criticisms and tried not to take it to heart.

In retrospect, looking at the personalities of the different jury members, most of them would have been good in the position of foreperson. I tried my best to keep order and be fair. It is for others to judge whether or not I was successful or not. It’s a difficult and unrewarding task for the most part.

The Museum Of Broadcast Communication soiree went well, I suppose, but where I was positioned, no one ventured into the room. It was tucked into an odd corner of the building and wasn’t appealing, like the grand prize game with Bozo.

“Svengoolie” Rich Koz was there with a rubber chicken and doing his shtick. Mayor Rahm Emanuel showed up to grace the building for a while, too. All the beautiful people were there as well. I hope Bruce DuMont does well tonight. Lord knows he works hard enough. I didn’t schmooze tonight. I guess I wasn’t up to it.

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