Blagojevich Blog: Blagojevich and Chris Kelly

Blagojevich has come up with several reasons for not signing the horse racing bill racetrack owner John Johnston wanted. And he says it wasn’t because he was waiting for a promised contribution from Johnston.

Blagojevich says he got a call from Chris Kelly who told him he was hoping for a presidential pardon for his income tax indictment. Kelly hoped John Johnston would talk to his friend George Steinbrenner, who would go to Jeb Bush, who would ask his brother President Bush for a pardon.

But Blagojevich suspected Kelly had told Johnston, in return for helping him, Kelly would get Blagojevich to sign the racetrack bill.

“I saw that as a big red flag,” said Blagojevich, “and it made me hold off on signing the bill.”

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