Civic Federation Critical of Quinn’s 2012 Budget

Gov. Pat Quinn

Gov. Pat Quinn

The Civic Federation is criticizing Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposed 2012 budget after analyzing the spending plan. Civic Federation President Laurence Msall and AFSCME’s Executive Director Henry Bayer join us on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm to discuss this topic.

According to Msall, Quinn’s budget overestimates revenues by $976 million because it doesn’t set aside enough money for income tax refunds. That makes the total budget shortfall $2.4 billion; far more than the $1.45 billion caused by the governor’s added spending alone.

The Institute for Illinois’ Fiscal Sustainability at the Civic Federation released a 95-page report on Monday with analysis and recommendations to counter Gov. Quinn’s 2012 budget. Read the full report here.

To read Gov. Quinn’s 2012 fiscal year budget plan, click on the links below:

Capital Budget

Operating Budget

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5 responses to “Civic Federation Critical of Quinn’s 2012 Budget”

  1. Samuel Golden says:

    As a retiree, I feel I am receiving an unfair advantage in not paying any Illinois incom tax, because there is no tax on retirement incom. The federal government taxes retirement income and I think Illinois should also. In fairness,, why should I receive a free ride.

  2. Mary Bacon says:

    I am glad you aired this conversation between Mr Msall and Mr Bayer. However, at the end of his remarks, Mr Msall said public employees get their health care paid for in retirement. The teachers do NOT. If a local district makes that part of a retirement package that is paid for by the local district, not the state. My husband retiredfrom public education after 35 years, and he pays plenty for his health insurance. One more of many misconceptions. Mr Bayer was able to make many good points. I hope people heard this.

  3. Donna says:

    I am one of those evil state employees. I have worked for the state for 20 years AFTER many years in the private sector. By working for the state, I have compromised my ability to secure any benefit from the Social Security system that I earned in my private sector employment and will have to rely heavily on the annuity the State retirement system provides- since the state does not participate in the Social Security system and I will retire from the State system. I have 8% deducted from my check and contribute MONTHLY to the state retirement system. In addition I have 1.45% deducted for medicare. Do the math. This exceeds private sector employee contribute. If my previous employer failed to make his match payments he’d be fined and face jail time. Not now! The state continues to miss payments and by law they have that right. Place blame where it belongs. Employees are not the problem, only the victim. Stop making us the problem!

    Oh, for reference, my son will start his first job in June in the private sector with similar job responsibilities. However, he will earn my current salary after he completes his 6 month probationary period.

  4. Brandon Dexter says:

    I am a current state employee and I do not think I should have to pay for over 25yrs of Springfield not paying their share of my pension!!!! I paid my share why didnt they??? It was not because they couldn’t afford it, It was because they chose to blow it all in their own speacial interests and Corperate tax breaks!!!! Typical greedy politicians!!! All about them and to hell with the workers!!!!

  5. Rory O' Shea says:

    Is this reply some kind of right wing joke?

    Perhaps you are some well to do type from the higher echelon of well connected state employees?

    I smell a rat.