Blagojevich Blog: The Jury

The final jury has been selected. Of the 18 on the new jury, 15 are women. The descriptions of the jurors who will decide Rod Blagojevich’s fate are below:

Juror 103: Black Female, 30s/40s
– Bartender
– Former database manager, college degree
– Relative convicted
– Volunteered for Senate race
– Contributed to candidates for state board
– Heard about phone calls and verdict in first trial

Juror 120: White Female, 30s
– Administrator of pension plans
– Married
– Contributed to Children’s Memorial Hospital

Juror 124: White Female, 60s
– Worked for food service company for 20 years
– Volunteer in elementary school
– Husband died, 1 son
– Served on jury before, reached verdict
– Has donated to candidates, including Chris Lauzen

Juror 125: White Female, 40s
– Computer tech for junior college
– No kids
– Hobbies: horseback riding, photography, quilting, kayaking

Juror 131: White Female, 30s
– Dietician, BA in Nutritional Science
– Triathlete (completed 2)

Juror 132: White Female, 40s/50s
– Works in husband’s video store: business is bad, closed for 4 months, then reopened
– Son in security, daughter is a bank teller, father is a justice of the peace, has 5 dogs
– Didn’t pay much attention to first trial

Juror 136: Black Female, 30s
– Works for mom’s business as a caterer
– Stenographer for the Navy
– 2004 nursing certificate
– Cousin in prison for burglary
– 1 son, was a patient at Children’s Memorial Hospital
– Didn’t pay much attention to first trial

Juror 140: White Female, 40s/50s
– Teacher of 3rd- and 4th-grade
– Marched for stricter gun control
– In NEA (National Education Association) union

Juror 142: White Female, 40s/50s
– Works with brother and sister-in-law on LaSalle County Board
– Doesn’t follow news, hasn’t paid attention to case

Juror 146: White Female, 50s/60s
– Singer, Director of music at her church, head of music department at Archdiocese of Chicago
– Married, has 2 adult children, brother is Navy pilot
– Apartment was robbed
– Has served as an alternate juror
– Reads newspapers, believes most pols try not to let contributions influence decisions

Juror 149: Hispanic Female, 30s/40s
– Director of sales and operations for manufacturing company until laid off a year ago
– Married, 3 children, husband is a FedEx truck driver
– Hobbies: arts and crafts, painting, ceramics, jewelry, dancing classes
– Didn’t pay much attention to first trial
– Blagojevich was a lawyer for her cousin, she never checked it out

Juror 174: White Male, 50s/60s
– On unemployment
– Worked for shipping and receiving for a trucking company
– Wife helps in a nursing home
– Hobbies: sports, model railroading
– Only reads sports, rarely watches TV, news on Internet if it pops up

Juror 179: White Female, 20s/30s
– Librarian
– Husband is FedEx driver
– Hobbies: Swimming, biking, running, hates romance novels
– Internet: most important source of news
– Read a few things after receiving jury notice

Juror 181: White Female, 50s/60s
– Retired in July
– Only reads travel and business sections
– Doesn’t use Internet for news, only for banking and mail
– Gets news from husband who reads newspaper cover to cover

Juror 184: Hispanic Male
– McDonald’s service representative
– Park District lifeguard
– Gets news on phone apps, Internet, newspapers
– Wants to know about crime in his North Side neighborhood

Juror 190: White Female
– Works in IT
– Worked for JP Morgan
– Singer in church choir
– Married, 2 kids
– Husband is part-time loan officer, also worked in Blagojevich congressional campaign before they were married
– News: Tribune, 10:00 news, occasional Internet, Daily Show, didn’t see Blago first trial

Juror 191: White Female, 40s
– Dental assistant
– Married, 3 kids
– Husband is restaurant manager
– News: WBBM Newsradio 780, 10:00 news, Internet

Juror 192: White Male, 40s
– Manufacturer: makes aerosol cans
– Married, 3 kids
– Wife is a medical biller
– News: Internet, follows sports

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  1. Unknown says:

    Juror 192 is in his early 30’s, not even close to 40 yet!

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