More on the Story: Week in Review (4/25-4/29)

Here is a roundup of Chicago Tonight‘s web stories from this week:

Monday, April 25:
Remembering Bill McCarter
Howard Reich’s ‘Prisoner of Her Past’

Blagojevich Retrial:
The Price of Jury Duty
Jury Selection Continues

Tuesday, April 26:
Sleep Research
Losing Money with Groupon
Police Superintendent Short List

Blagojevich Retrial:
What Do They Know
Ring Tones
Potential Jurors Questioned

Wednesday, April 27:
Father Pfleger Suspended by Cardinal George
Royal Wedding Viewing Parties
Beekeeping in Illinois

Blagojevich Retrial:
Transition from Jury Foreman to Spectator
Jury Foreman from First Trial to Blog for Chicago Tonight
Jury Selection Continues at Tortured Pace
Sam’s Back!

Thursday, April 28:
Chicago’s Civil War Graves
Parishioners Protest Pfleger Suspension
Chicago Galleries at Art Chicago
Letter by Robert McClory to Chicago Sun-Times

Blagojevich Retrial:
Archaic Court System
Racial Bias Raised In Jury Selection
For Which I Stand
Flap Over Juror
No Jury Today

Friday, April 29:
Weekend Events Around Town: 4/29-5/1

Blagojevich Retrial:
The Media

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One Response to “More on the Story: Week in Review (4/25-4/29)”

  1. Margaret Hagerman says:

    April 29 show: Whose idea was it to spend the first six+ minutes of tonight’s show on the president’s birth certificate? I would expect this tripe on cable TV, not your station. It gives me pause when considering renewing my contribution.