Blagojevich Blog: The Verdict Is In

Hung on all but one count.  After a trial that lasted more than six weeks followed by 14 days of jury deliberations, ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich is found guilty of just one of the 24 counts against him.  The jury unanimously agreed that Blagojevich was guilty of the final count in the indictment, count 24, giving false statements to the F.B.I.

After the jury’s verdict was read, the government quickly said they would retry the case.   A hearing is scheduled for August 26th.

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One response to “The Verdict Is In”

  1. Dan says:

    God bless that loan jurror hold out and her vote that she would not allow the nazi elements at the Dirkson Federal building to use their enormous power and resources to pull the wool over the eyes of the citizens of Illinois and a nation. That building clearly houses nazi elements that have terrorized blacks and law abiding citizens for decades. The silent communication is that once one acheives employment at the FBI or US attorney or law enforcement in Illinois, you can exploit people. Who are the Fitzgerald’s of the world, jug heads like FBI director Robert Muller and and Loius Free kidding in their senate testimonies and Free’s book? They have played Americans for suckers. Sure they did not know who AlQuida were prior to september 11, 2001. Sure Free focused on Bill Clinton’s exploits with Monica Lewinsky instead of terrorists in Pakistan to whom he knew of and did not allert the US military or President.

    That jury member took a stand to a government that in essence has said believe the evidence we have presented, believe it was non contaminated, believe we will in the future intervene on behalf of blacks when law enforcement places innocent ones on death rowe, and believe only one agent knew about terrorists domiciled in America when the twin towers fell. I hope we keep having hung juries and the genetic rapists at the Dirkson federal building and their civilian buddies continue to register hung juries and tax payors wake up to their nazi ways. Blagojevich has had enough, he has suffered enough for his noticable pathologies and has held up quite well. It is about time we go after weasel Nazis like Patrick Fitzgerald and rogue Chicago cops and politicians like Madigan who are bankrupting Illinois and using the government to secure their futures. Kudos to a jurror who voted to end the status quoe…….or is it okay to place innocent people on death rowe or manipulate evidence and play citizens of Illinois for suckers?

    The FBI was run for nearly fifty years by a man who invaded prominent peoples privacy having displayed a pattern of unearthing nothing, parading around as a tranvestite, driving innocent civilians to suicide and covering for felons as the agency does today. The Intelligence agencies have destroyed America and simply can not keep up with the multitude of crime the public falls victim to each year. Patrick Fitzgerald is a manipulator and that whole US attorneys office are nazi sympathizers. They are so hell bent that they do not understand they, the dirkson federal building staff belong in jail as well.

    Our government has in a short time angered nations and is bankrupting us. I suggest all read Lee Iaocca’s book, WHERE HAVE ALL THE LEADERS GONE, and stop obsessing on Blagojevich.

    Enough already.