Blagojevich Blog: Blago’s Here

Blagojevich and Patti just entered the courtroom.  “Say a prayer for us,” he told waiting reporters.  Robert is here, too.  Is it a verdict?  Most likely.  But no guarantee.

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3 responses to “Blago’s Here”

  1. Dan says:

    This has been a victory against nazistic opression against defendants whom in my estimation the government maligned and who CAN NOT BE BELIEVED ON THEIR own merits. All this effort on the part of the Nazis at the US Attorneys office and they just can not be believed when they control evidence-entirely. I forsee repeated hung juries in future trials. It is about time the truth came out in the criminal activity and negligence displayed on the part of the Dirkson Federal crowd. A victory for justice.

  2. Soren says:

    Dear Dan.
    Your input and the use of the reference to 1940’s Nazi Germany unfortunately shows more the problem in this country with a complete lack of historical perspective and knowledge.
    Your prediction of more hung juries, however, will most likely be accurate; not for the reasons you state, but because this country has devolved in to a non confrontational, at any cost, population, that has given up on using common sense, when the evidence stares them in the face.
    How much more clear does it have to be when someone states in a recorded conversation that ” I am not giving that up for f***king nothing”.
    The Prosecution stated at the start of this travesty, that the actions of Rod Blagojevich would make Lincoln roll over in his grave.
    Reluctantly I have to agree.
    Not that I am on the same “page” with the prosecutors, but because I recognize that, as opposed to the sentiment of Lincoln, and allow me to stretch it to the Founding Fathers, the object of people going in to politics today. has less to do with pursuing an ideal for the betterment of society, but more to do with the potential financial benefits that politics offer.
    Looking at the state of Illinois, literally, the “state of Illinois”, you can only be disgusted.
    Not only by the fact that we already have send governors to prison, but the fact that the people of this great state are content to be lulled into submission by bombastic “fluff” rhetoric from politicians, both at city and state level, not realizing that, at the end of the day, “we the people” will have to pick up the tab for the over inflated ego of politicians, who in past time would have been recognized as charlatans and would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town.
    I encourage you to seek out more information before making comparison statements without having your historical facts in place; and forgive my bluntness “wake up and smell the roses”.
    If it looks like a turd; smells like a turd; there is very little you can do to dress it up, that will change the fact that it is a turd.
    Respectfully Yours.

  3. Dan says:

    You see my point, Soren, is that America has been taken for a ride and in my forty plus years I have been on both sides of the economic spectrum, interracting with the wealthy and having been among the exceedingly poor. Experience has taught me well. You do not have to roam beyond Chicago’s boarders to get a feel for the world; just read the New York Times, Chicago tribune, and watch Chicago Tonight religiously. Please read my blog by googling Dan Usiskin and scrolling to reformist site-research. It is primitive but functional.

    Listen, I have interracted with this Dirkson Federal crowd, and have a distatse for they and many members of the Chicago police and many closely linked to them. That building at 219 south dearborn street is a sess pool for pandoras box like characters of the most appallingly disturbed libidinal nature that would make the late Marceau Marceau run for his bloodee life! Indeed, what do the Nazi like stalkers at that local have to say for themselves now? Who is checking up on them? They and the defense team and Rod all lean on Patty Blagoivitch as if a greek goddess of solitude and protection……(subtle happy whisper) and it is true. Dirkson is a subculture of sociopaths stuck in a group of thug mentalities and the past. The elder Sam Adams was right in referring to Patrick Fitzgerald as a nut and essentially a Nazi. The executive municipal branch of Cook county on the law enforcement side at all levels has once again disgraced itself. Caught with its figurative clothes off outside of its dwelling. No laws to protect it. They and congress have used tax payors by refusing to regulate wall street or LaSalle street, to the revelation of John Burge, to to my own saga of multiple crimes that I am aware…….having been sexually assaulted by Chicago police in an upscale neighborhood in the middle of the street, to attempted murder of my person by law enforcement or those linked to law enforcement , in one instance in front of Holy Name cathederal,( Carnal Bernadine…… kind of guy), to the murder of my brother to assaults to extortion to reckless endangerment to data base INTRANET entries law enforcement in Cook county has perpetrated against my person in a reckless endangerment spree. Why? because of what I know and their cottage industries of ill begotten funds. They never counted on an internet any more than Burge could have imagined the invention of DNA. When cops like Burge or Joseph Frugoli , the detective who drunkenly rammed his car into a civilian parked in an emergency lane on the Dan Ryan express way as he had done repeatedly before, the victims burned to death, he made bail and his peers advertised a party on the fraternal order of police web site- a $50.00 a plate dinner, in his honor, and I became incensed. Again, the reason for my opression? What I know , a big mouth in the eighties or that which is noted in my blog, and nut jobs in general. law enforcement monopolize their authority in Cook County to do as they please and do it with ease. Crooks in many instances. Group dynamics at play just as wall street as you alluded to playing on a public that does not organize to end the opression the way they did at Grant Park (which I do not condone these days for legal reasons) in ’68 because what America became when it all came to a head in 1974…..Vietnam, the dead Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, Watergate, civil rights and the economy. Now the game is even more sophisticated and deadly-exotic wall street concotions/securities, strange middle eastern wars, and government corruption in a systemic macro malaise. We are back in the 70’s in this country and Blagoivitch has and will hopefully escape prison because the powers that be let it happen to a noticeable degree. Who said those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it? The world has been compromised by the likes of corrupt politicians and economic disconnect, mentalities that enabled Blagojevitch to act nutty. Ninety percent of Americans have their act together or are linked to those who do; business is the same, but wall street in recent years and politicians……not the case despite high academic acheivment, and though Obama has played his cards perfectly, we have diluted progress by trusting the mentalities that lerk in law enforcement circles in Illinois.

    Today was a vote for justice on the part of a jury that said look, we do not trust the evidence, we do not trust Dirkson staff, we do not see it the way the Dirkson federal crowd sees it, we are on to you. The instructions were illegal insofar as the jury does not have to accept alleged evidence controlled entirely by the state as credible and yet must meet its fiduciary expectations; they did not have to trust the witnessess, the governor if he chose to take the stand, the closing arguments or anyone in the court room if it did not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The 137 page document given to them was confusing and the judge should have given them ample time to review the testimony in its entirety in written format and answered all of theire stions. They had no choice but to recuse themselves or seek a hung jury. The government had countless bites at the apple and appeared foolish. Again, the government controlled all the evidence…..its decimination, organization and presentation. The judge gave them what they wanted and attacked the defense motions and interrogations. The judge and defense! Zagle pressured them into a decision one way or the other,(jury) and they obliged.

    Listen, Soren, people these days are non confrontational in my estimation because they are surviving and do not want to be black listed. Thirty years ago we were a creditor nation, now we are facing chapter 11 according to the congressonal budget office; we experienced surplusses in the nineties and when Bush took over, bush jr., it changed despite his 500 plus speeches; and progress has beendiluted in America because of dr, Strangelove like politics or Jeckyl and Hyde mentalities in government that are manipulative by nature, in a bang with media and law enforcement. You think my reference to Nazism on the part of governemt in Cook County is inaccurate? Read meltdown by Vanden Heuvel and and learn how the macro dominos fell and how blacks were in season at area two under Burge’s watch amd how Daly, Terry Hillard, Lemar martin and Rice and all the attorneys twiddled their thumbs while the killing fields played out there.

    It is not clear Blagojevitch committed crimes at points, at least that is how a diverse group of jurrors found. The evidence may very well have been contaminated, retracted by the former governor a day or two later, and was vague and non transparent. The key question is: what what constitutes acceptable forms of reciprocity and when does it enter the realm of illegality? Let me assure the man who runs the US Attorney’s office that the brillinat and dangerous Sam Adams senior was right in his comments yesterday, and if Abe Lincoln was to roll in his grave at the revelation of Blagojevich’s actions, Fred Astaire would hide in horror at the sight of what the law enforcement community in cook county has been allowed to get away with and are likely celebrating. Trust them and the machine? No.

    Please review my blog, consider the evidence in this case, the sectors of government that are defunct in Cook county and on the federal level, and understand that the government in combination with lack of evidence and poor organization bought this former governor his freedom as I predict for the long term, and do monitor events by watching the news both in print and television. Chicago Tonight has been gracious to extend its patrons a blog of this sort. Hence, many may not agree with certain of my comparisons or my lack of diplomacy or the kings english in my communications, however, I view them to be accurate.