Blagojevich Blog: But What Does It Mean?

The jury has now gotten the complete transcript of former Deputy Governor Bradley Tusk’s testimony.  They also have jury instructions telling them they should not rely on the transcript alone to decide whether the testimony of the witness is “accurate in whole or in part.”

Now the question is, why did they want the Tusk testimony?  The charges relating to the attempted extortion of Rahm Emanuel on behalf of the Academy of Urban School Leadership in exchange for a fundraiser by his brother Ari are found in count one, act two, the racketeering charge, and in count fourteen, an extortion charge.   The AUSL act is also included in count three, the wire fraud scheme, though it is not listed individually in the ten other wire fraud counts.

In the previous juror note, the jury said they had not yet negotiated the wire fraud counts.  So most watchers thought any additional jury question would be on the wire fraud counts.  Now with the latest question, does this mean that jurors are beginning to renegotiate the counts they told the judge last week they could not come to a unanimous consensus on?  That would mean starting with count one, the racketeering charge, then moving through the remaining charges.  And that would mean that a verdict is not coming down anytime soon.

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One response to “But What Does It Mean?”

  1. Dan says:

    The bottom line is this: the jury does not trust the government and commentators like Irv Miller at CBS 2 news in Chicago are a disgrace in labeling them as “slow”. The system has labeled this writer as slow, however I am aware of a multitude of felonies the states attorney and U.S. Attorney have refused to investigate because in my opinion there exists strong evidence that can be substantiated to crimes, their sick ideations, the supporting of cottage industries, otherwise, John Burge, a lower ranked employees in the executive branch of Cook County would have been charged with crimes against black people in his attempts to murder them……lots of them, by providing false testimony to the states attorney and was never investigated by the U.S. Attorney. I say to Jewish Nazis like Irv Miller and Walter Jacobsen at cbs2, a drunkard who atttempted to drive his vehicle drunk, a real appreciation of his fan base, so what if the jury is slow, they have given the government a huge break. They should recuse themselves or declare a hung jury because the instructions are illegal and structured as such as signed off on be the judge and Patrick Fitzgerald.

    The wire fraud charges mean the FBI and U.S. Attorney could have contaminated the evidence because they controlled it throughout the trial, just as the Intelligence agencies controlled and still do evidence in the 911 debacle,(september 11, 2001); this covers at least 83% of the charges in this Blagojevich saga, the counts, and who can trust law enforcement in Cook County after the Burge affair?

    Judge Zagle is a criminal and has refused to provide court transcripts to the jury except in tiny increments………I am sorry folks, but if they have to review evidence to make a REASONABLE determination and they do receieve practically no cooperation, they should seek to recuse themselves immediatly. Hence, in response to Elizabeth Bracket’s written comments on this blog today, if the jury can not rely on Tusk’s testimony in its entirety, having received a cherry picked transcripts by the judge, precluding taped evidence, who can they rely on? Elizabeth Bracket’s comment on the fraud scheme is mentioned in the wire fraud count, that is all.