Blagojevich Blog: The Wait Goes On

No word from the jury as deliberations continue.  That means the action in this story returns to the Federal Building cafeteria.

Rod and Patti Blagojevich and their attorneys, minus the Adams, huddle at one end of the cafeteria.  The only plug I could find for my phone charger was next to their table (honest), so Rod and I trade running stories for a while.

A Channel 5 producer takes out a pack of Trivial Pursuit cards on the 1980s and the contest is on.  The ex-governor does well, especially in the sports and music categories.

At the other end of the cafeteria, Robert Blagojevich, his wife, and son sit with their attorneys.  As usual, not a word is exchanged between the two brothers.  Their relationship, Robert’s attorney tells me, is nonexistent.  Robert does not join in the Trivial Pursuit game.

So the wait goes on, with hopes of a verdict today dimming by the moment.

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One response to “The Wait Goes On”

  1. Dan says:

    The government is corrupt and appalling , seeking to monopolize, I can just see the bizarre look in their eyes ,(U.S. Attorney-former and present) when they sense the truisms of their motivations are revealed and some days during trial and deliberations seem not to favor them. Just look at this Pat collins in interviews…….Mr. Smooth…. and Cramer on the show…….. The bottom line is they and the Dirkson crowd and law enforcement and civilians linked to them are sneaky weezles and want to win convictions in the worst way , or did and are , in some cases, making huge sums as defense attorneys- in reality what they really want is to CONTROL and to exploit and monopolize their authority as individuals in a collective group and often times end up tripping over eachothers shoe laces in the process along with corrupt members of law enforcement and those closely linked, I REITERATE. The jury is clearly confused by the instructions and they know something is amiss. They should have figured out that the instructions as signed off on by the U.S. Attorney and the judge are defunct and following them places them in a position to commit crimes unless they recuse themselves or seek a hung jury. Follow the government’s evidence when they have tainted it in the past and entirely control it in this case? Refuse to allocute and the judge is DEMANDING THAT MUCH IN THIS NOTE PASSING CONTEST, and they can be charged with crimes. Then there is the complexity of the organization of the instructions or 137 page document…. the thousonds of pages of court testimony, and we all know as must the jury of corrupt practices in the executive branch of Cook county at all levels, all branches for that matter, and a decision is expected prompto!Please. I would hope the jury would refuse to trust the evidence, after all, who is watching the Dirkson federal crowd? It isn’t the judges, the legislative branch……they do not have the technological resources. Essentially this case has proven just how OBSCENE the law enforcement community is in Cook County and those linked to them and how being in the so called” right “crowd insures prosperity and screws innocent working class people/tax payors. The jury has rendered a decision on two counts, can not make a determination on eleven, and claimed not to have reviewed ALL of the wire charges in this flogging/salem whitch trial like case. My sense is they subcontiously do not trust the government because once they review the wire fraud counts they have to convict unless they do not trust the presenters, the Dirkson crowd. I know this much, they do not trust them and must have time to review all of the evidence presented at trial and then should think: Trust the witnesses? Lon Monk and all the others who plead to receive reduced sentences? Trust Blagojevich who did not testify and allowed criminals to practice for years? Trust this judge who is placing them in a catch 22 , is making demands for a quick decision on the counts even if they do not agree, clearly he’s manipulating; Trust sam Adam’s jr. statements on closing and the taped evidence as being entirely credible? Please! Hung jury or recuse themselves!

    It is about time the public awakes to the fact that the calm and exceedlingly diplomatic members of the U.S. Attorney ‘s office or former are in many instances corrupt and use their positions to make alot of money in the private sector, and are nasty themselves. Congress allows them to get away with it and the public is turned off by the garbage to the point they tune out.