Blagojevich Blog: Blagojevich Vows to Testify

The defense made its first effort to introduce a secretly recorded conversation today.  So far, the prosecution has played 61 tapes; all have been submitted as evidence and have formed the backbone of the case against Blagojevich.  But Judge Zagel turned the defense down, saying the tape, a conversation between Blagojevich and John Harris, would be considered hearsay unless Blagojevich himself was on the stand.  At the end of court today, Blagojevich told reporters he was pleased with the judge’s decision.

Before pulling away from the Dirksen Federal Building for the day, Blagojevich took another moment to give a quick shout out.  This time, however, it was not about the audio tapes, Judge Zagel, or his future vindication.   In fact it wasn’t about the case at all.

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