Teens and cyberbullying

Teenagers use a wide array of social media tools and spend an increasing number of hours online each day, but online activity can often turn into abusive behavior known as cyberbullying.

Sarah Migas, an internet safety specialist from the Illinois attorney general’s office, is taking your questions; please log in below and we’ll try to answer them, either on the air at 7pm, or following the segment at approximately 7:15pm during a live web chat.  We hope you’ll join us.

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21 responses to “Teens and cyberbullying”

  1. Jack says:

    How does the attorney general’s office and any law not hinder or interfere with lawful freedom of speech and one’s constitutional rights?

  2. angela says:

    what if your child is being cyber bullied, what do you do?

  3. Linnea Lukatch says:

    My name is Linnea Lukatch and I am a friend of Joey Fisher at Evanston Township and I think that what he (and many others at eths) are doing to combat cyberbullying is phenomenal and should be in the news everywhere. I am excited that WTTW Tonight has decided to showcase the exceptional kindness of students that have zero tolerance for putting others down through social media. GOOD JOB JOEY!!!!

  4. Daniel says:

    How did Joey come up with the idea for the Evanston Mice site?

  5. lithoscott1 says:

    Where are the parents in all of this? If parents think unsupervised internet access for teens is harmless, they are fooling themselves. People also have a false sense of security with regards to the internet, especially when it comes to minor aged children. I’m all for freedom on the internet and freedom of speech, but use of the internet for nefarious purposes has much impact than some people give it credit for.

  6. Doug Dahlgren says:

    Kids will always say mean things to other kids on the playground. It’s part of life and part of growing. The difference where the internet becomes involved is that kids can do it anonymously.

    Ever read the newpaper’s on line “Comments” sections? So called “adults” do the same thing. That’s REALLY pathetic.

  7. Patty says:

    Who was the best staff assistant you ever had?

  8. David Olson says:

    Is there not, in addition to freedom of speech, a right to privacy? In other words, even if something posted online is true, is it not a violation of one’s right to privacy? It seems to me mean-spirited at the very least to post information about others, even if it’s true – unless it is a matter of public record.

  9. russ k says:

    Just some imput not to be mean but Sarah your public speaking skills need some work. you said um more than the hs student sitting next to you .

  10. Katherine says:

    Sarah what exactly does your office enforce? Per the Internet Safety Education Act each IL school K-12 is required to adopt an Internet Safety Curriculum. Does this curriculum come from your office or is each school allowed/required to creat their own curriculum? What does your office have to offer schools/teachers/parents in terms of reaources on Internet Safety?

  11. Sarah Migas says:

    The school board can determine the curriculum.

  12. Venkat Nandam says:

    Is there any other medium (TV/radio/news paper/books, etc) that one can use to slander someone and claim free speech? If slander was not “freedom of speech” before internet, it shouldn’t be a right today, on the internet or outside?


  13. Sarah Migas says:

    There is not a law that says an individual has a right to privacy except for certain circumstances.

  14. Karen K. says:

    My daughter goes to a private school and has had trouble with a fellow student who won’t take “NO” for an answer. He wrote about her on facebook. texts her friends, follows her in the hallway and really is stalking her. They are both 14 years old. I talked to a school counselor who help in the matter somewhat, but if it should continue should the school call the boys parents or should I. They suggested I call them but that didn’t feel right to me. What say you?

    Concerned Mom K

  15. Sarah Migas says:

    Slander is the spoken word. Libel is the printed word. These existed long before the internet.

  16. Sarah Haas says:

    Thanks for the valuable information. It is nice to see the AG’s Office taking such a proactive stance on such a serious social issue.

  17. Sarah Migas says:

    Ask your daughter if she has a preference. Students have told us that it is helpful when counselors and/or teachers mediate.

  18. Sarah Migas says:

    Your point is very important. It is important for adults to understand that we are modeling behavior for our children.

  19. Sarah Migas says:

    You are absolutely right. It is important that parents monitor behavior.

  20. Sarah Migas says:

    If your child is being cyberbullied, you can contact the internet service provider, contact the school, print out the coversation, save it on your computer, discuss the situation with your child, block the person who is bullying your child, and, if necessary, contact law enforcement.

  21. Simone Rounds says:

    My daughter was getting threatning text mess from girl from school telling her want she was going to do to her this was back in oct. I contacted the school they contacted the parents so I thought it was over with on monday the girl bought more girls up to the school they jumped on her she had to get 4 stiches over her eye now they have the nerve to be bragging about what they did on face book and sending out more threats I contacted the police and made a report beacuse they are minors its nothing they can do so Im being told the school suspened the girl for 8 days but my child has this scare for life she is a honor roll student who use to love school now she is scared to go what should I do I need help and no one is giving it to me