Jay’s Chicago in “Illinois Entertainer”

Illinois Entertainer writer Cara Jepsen wrote about Jay’s Chicago in her Media column this month.  It includes a line which I swear was not paid for by my mother:

“Watching the show for the first time, I was riveted, and felt a deep connection to the city. I was also impressed by the respect Shefsky showed for his subjects.”

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5 responses to “Jay’s Chicago in “Illinois Entertainer””

  1. cassandra says:

    I’m glad to see you in the media! Your show has been one of the positive television experiences that I’ve had the honor of viewing this year. I hope more attention is brought to this show, I can’t wait till the fall for new episodes. Whatever was the driving force behind the idea to create such a great show, thanks! I’m learning a lot.

  2. Mary Kay says:

    Just saw the show for the first time tonight (16-inch softball and ping pong) and loved it – hooray for WTTW.

  3. Jean Brennan says:

    Hoping you can find some history on a building or tell me if the city after changed streets. The last address I find in history on the Mary Thompson Hospital is at 1712 West Adams. However, the actual last address was 140 N Ashland at of 1988. There is a cornerstone on the building that lists 1865 – 1928, but I can’t find a record if the building at 1712 W Adams was moved to this present site or if an entirely new building was constructed and if so, when? The old location would be around Adams and Paulina, where as the current building is at Lake St. and Ashland. Any ideas??? I’m attempting to put the history of the building at 140 N Ashland together for the history of The Women’s Treatment Center.

    • Jay Shefsky says:

      Hi Jean,
      I’ve forwarded your question to my colleague Geoffrey Baer. He is really the expert on Chicago history and architecture. Or, better yet… since he doesn’t have your email address, I’d suggest you send it to him directly at ask@wttw.com.

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