Runs 21 Miles to Work

The Story: Bob Herskovitz runs 21 miles to work once or twice a week, despite the Meniere’s Disease he contracted during the first gulf war. 

Bob runs along the lake in Evanston, on his way from Glencoe to downtown.

Update: Bob is still running as much as ever.   His time in the 2010 Chicago Marathon was down a little (3:55 versus 3:40 the year before).  Though, true to form, he lost some time when he stopped to help a first-time marathoner who was struggling at mile 21.

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Look Ma No Hands

John Kohan near Belmont Harbor

Whenever we’ve run this piece about John Kohan riding his bike no-handed along the lakefront, we’ve gotten angry emails from people who think we are just promoting his reckless behavior.  What do you think?

If you think he is endangering people, you’ll be happy to know that John has moved to San Francisco, where he still rides no-handed.  But he says he has never found a bike path he likes as much as the one on Chicago’s lakefront.

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