Chicago's 2011 Mayoral Race

Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates

Welcome to Chicago Tonight’s online coverage of the 2011 Campaign for Mayor of Chicago. We want to hear from you about what you thought about the election — share your thoughts or read comments from other viewers.

Candidates are listed in the order they appeared on the ballot.


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Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel

754 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60642


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Miguel del Valle

Miguel del Valle

2218 North Lamon Ave
Chicago Illinois 60639


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Carol Moseley Braun

Carol Moseley Braun

1229 East 56th St.
Chicago, Illinois 60637


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Gery J. Chico

Gery J. Chico

310 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60604


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Patricia Van Pelt Watkins

Patricia Van Pelt Watkins

2826 W Washington Blvd
Chicago, Illinois 60612


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William Walls, III

William Walls, III

1709 N Moody Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60639


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Responses to “Meet the Candidates”

  1. James Reyes says:

    I am glad somebody finally decided to give out the web site addresses of candidates.The voters can make more informed choices if they know more about the candidates .

  2. I am Fredrick K White, my challenge was withdrawn on Dec. 17, 2010. I do not know why the Board of Elections still have me as a “challenged” candidate. I am also a write in Candidate, so I will be there for you on Feb. 22, 2011 no matter what. Better common sense government to lower taxes and give better service to its citizens. Please visit my web site and find out how.
    Fredrick K White

  3. Taylor Garnett says:

    William Dock Walls is a familiar candidate to Chicago voters. However, in this round of elections he brings new ideas for Chicago’s future endeavors. His previous experiences in Chicago politics give him the resources necessary to bring Chicago to the forefront of Nanotechnology, which is a science that focuses on manipulation of matter on an atomic scale. Walls for Mayor!

    • I just watched the interview you had with William Dock Walls last night, he sounds like he has alot of great ideas for the city of Chicago, my question to WTTW is why wasn’t he invited to the scheduled forum you are hosting for the candidates? I think this move by you does a great dis-service for the voters of Chicago

    • Zachary Ferguson says:

      The two candidates that wasn’t invite to the recent Mayoral Forum also need to realize, its not just about running with great ideas, its important to win. If you know you don’t have the numbers to win, the smart move is to get a like minded candidate to carry your vision while you working over the next 4 years to expand you base to make you the leading candidate next time. They should put their support behind Carol, she is the winnable candidate that share more common points of action with them than any other candidate, especially the Organized Crime Machine candidates whose primary assignment is to contract out to make the suburbs rich while we starve/evicted/jobless. It would be different if there was not a strong candidate that didn’t share your views but that is not the case in this race. Carol win, we win, they win, we all win! You know they really have to be desperate ordering a former President to help gather support for a candidate that received close to a billion dollars in donation and still trailing. I hope the progressive candidates stand behind the people’s candidate to defeat Organized Crime/The Machine.

    • DrMaat says:

      Yes, Taylor. Thank you. We are roasting Dock Walls. Sat Feb. 19 at Leona’s 2-5 pm Fundraiser Tickets:: $50, $30 (covers those who have low income, slow income and volunteers). Angel sponsors: $200-500. Love and Peace, Maat

  4. greg says:

    After watching the the so called debate I rushed to give my thoughts to your audience just a few minutes the other day WILLIAM DOCK WALLS said more than all for of the others.

  5. Jerry Samons says:

    Dock Walls ideas for the parking meter crisis is well thought out and shows that it will bring progression over time. These are the types of creative policies that Chicago needs to regain its economic stability. I visited his website and it expressed all of his ideas thoroughly.

  6. I disagree with Gery Chico’s business plan to expand
    the windmill business for our city as much as possible and
    also his comment that Boeing as a business for our city
    is “the only way to go.” I will be running again someday for
    Mayor and will run on a platform that airplanes are a
    passe invention for our country instead of the “only way to go.” There are big, big problems attached to the airline
    industry. And his idea about wind energy and building those
    weighty windmills, he needs to look again at the weight of
    those windmills….and the product liability the City of
    Chicago might incur by moving those heavy windmills
    around and building even more windmills. If one of those
    windmills ever detached and fell from a height, those
    windmills have enough weight that they could easily kill
    30 innocent bystanders standing below the windmill. Even
    moving more windmills around factories is too much of a
    product liability situation for the workers building them.

  7. George says:

    Gery Chico was by far the best candidate. He is the most experienced and has a good knowledge of the city. The real question is when del Valle is going to drop out to give Chico a chance. It would be a shame to stay in and influence the vote. Education without good parenting programs is a joke. Charter Schools – proven if a lottery. Did they forget to mention that?

    • Melody says:

      Ha, Charter schools are a Joke! What amazes me is that there are so many people who are uninformed about the research surrounding charter schools. I believe that it’s because we don’t read, and just jump on any bandwagon that is thrown about. I challenge WTTW, NBC, CNN and even Rahm to look up the research on charter schools and then after reading the statistics, explain to the public the findings and why we need to redirect funds appropriated to public schools and use them for charters. Would someone, please, look at the published research, that is not funded by Bill Gates, and Eli Broad, and then tell the public that it is a good idea to allow businessmen who destroyed our economy destroy our schools. Somebody, please read the studies.

    • Amy Truelove says:

      Charter schools are not proven as you suggest. In fact they are no better than regular public schools, and often worse, and have advantages that regular public schools don’t – they choose students and can contain their enrollment; they take fewer disabled students, English Language Learners and homeless students; and often kick out “problem” students, which regular public schools can’t do. I don’t know where you’re getting your information but it is wrong.

      Finally, I’m voting for Del Valle – a much better candidate than Chico. Why doesn’t Chico drop out?

  8. Arlene Jones says:

    Shame on WTTW for ignoring Bill Dock Walls in the debate. When Rahm doesn’t even know what the sales tax is, that is pathetic. And to tell a young child who is obviously distressed that a relative is using drugs that it is the parent’s fault without much detail is crass and ignorant. But then again, the man hasn’t been in this city, has no ideas of the problems and gave whimpy answers.

    Bill Dock Walls has more answers than any of them. He sees Chicago as the nano-technology capital. The other three just see dollar signs. Miguel is an honest politician and I will work night and day for him to become the next congressman and take out little louie.

  9. Zachary Ferguson says:

    Chicago Host Illegal Election February 22, 2011?

    The upcoming February 22, 2011 Election in Chicago is Illegal, Do The Math Your Self:

    When you count the last day assigned 11-22-10 by Chicago to file nomination petition for the upcoming 02-22-11 Election, Chicago fall way short of the minimal day required by the following law:

    [10 ILCS 5/10-6 (from Ch. 46, par. 10-6)
    (4) nor more than 99 nor less than 92 days before the consolidated primary in the case of municipal offices to be elected on a nonpartisan basis pursuant to law (including without limitation, those municipal offices subject to Articles 4 and 5 of the Municipal Code;]

    Why Is Chicago Allowed To Operate, Above The Law?

    Why is Chicago allowed to illegally count Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Dr. King Birthday as business days?

    My guess, with Blacks having a history of voting numbers dropping greatly doing winter months, that illegal election under the minimal day required by state election law/code is being allowed by Chicago Board of Election (CBOE).

  10. Dr. Maat says:

    I think that it is god to see the interviews of William Walls. I woudl like to see him in forum with remaining candidates. Are you wiling to do this?

  11. James Reyes says:

    None of the candidates mention inspiring unmotivated students to want to learn.

  12. James Reyes says:

    Originally only Rahm Emannuel had an easy to use place to leave suggestions or comments on a campaign website.Now all candidates except Carol Moseley Braun have that feature on their websites.I urge everyone to share their ideas with every candidate.

  13. Good Morning – I thought I heard that there was a place that I could submit questions for the upcoming Mayoral dialogue that was to occur on Chicago Tonight. Your help directing me to that location would be appreciated – I’d like to submit a question for your consideration.

    Thank you – Wendy

    • John Ritterbush says:

      @Wendy: You can go to and click the link at the top of the page that says “What would you ask the mayoral candidates on Monday’s forum?” That will take you to our message board where you can post your questions for the candidates.

  14. Daniel O'Donnell says:

    Question for Gery Chico in debate tonight: One of your TV campaign ads talks about ridding the streets of the mugs who are threatening the safety of our children and neighborhoods. Do you realize that those “mugs” are also our children or parents of our children? Many attend our schools. What are you going to do for them to make choosing school rather than the gangs more appealing?

  15. James Reyes says:

    Besides science fairs,schools should hold education fairs.Students can invent new ways to make learning faster and easier .Or present methods and strategies used elsewhere and how they can be best adapted to meet the needs of Chicago’s school children.